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116: 10x, Leda Glyptis

In Ep116 of Fintech Chatter Podcast Dexter Cousins is joined by Leda Glyptis, Chief Client Officer for 10x Banking. In late 2019 Westpac and 10x announced a world first. One of the world's biggest banks partnering with a Fintech startup to build a Banking as a Service platform, so Westpac could partner with other Fintech […]

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139: Leda Glyptis | Bankers Like Us

In Ep 139 of the Fintech Chatter Podcast, Dexter Cousins welcomes back Leda Glyptis, author of Bankers Like Us. In this chat Dexter talks to Leda about Bankers Like Us: Dispatches from an Industry in Transition - it's a recounting of the challenges Leda has faced in her career, driving digital transformation in some of the worlds […]

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126: Liam Millward, Instant

In episode 126 of Fintech Chatter Dexter is joined by Liam Millward, CEO and Co-Founder of Instant. About Liam Millward At the time of recording, Liam was only 18 years old, the youngest ever guest on Fintech Chatter. Dexter chats to Liam about his experiences as a Fintech founder still in his teens and the […]

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Launching a Fintech in Australia

In this special episode, Dexter Cousins shares tips on launching a Fintech in Australia. Executives from two UK Fintech, Mark Ledsham, COO of Currency Cloud and Matthew Tyrrell APAC Commercial Director of Codat join Dexter to share their Fintech expertise in this fireside chat recorded at the British Consulate in Sydney. Recorded in September 2022 […]

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122: SelfWealth - Cath Whitaker

In ep 122 Dexter chats to Cath Whitaker, CEO of Selfwealth. ASX listed Selfwealth runs Australia's most popular low-cost share trading platform. Based out of Melbourne, Selfwealth is leading the way in stock market investment for everyday Australians. SelfWealth is one of the very few Fintech's truly competing with Australia's Big Four banks and currently […]

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119: WeMoney Dan Jovevski

In episode 119 of Fintech Chatter Podcast, Dexter Cousins is joined by Dan Jovevski, CEO and founder of WeMoney. About WeMoney WeMoney is a social financial wellness platform aimed at helping people achieve their financial goals. Since starting in 2020 WeMoney has built a strong community of users and has more than 300,000 downloads. And […]

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118: Tic:Toc - Lisa Virgo

In Episode 118 of Fintech Chatter Dexter Cousins is joined by Lisa Virgo, Chief People Officer at Tic:Toc Homeloans. They talk about the huge benefits of having People and Culture on the founding team. About Tic:Toc Tic:Toc, is a platform Fintech company based in Adelaide, South Australia - with a growing presence in Sydney.  Founded […]

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113: Indebted, Josh Foreman

In episode 113 of Fintech chatter, Dexter Cousins chats to Josh Foreman, CEO and Founder of Indebted, a Fintech changing the world of consumer debt recovery for good. Dexter recently caught up with Josh to record Indebted's People’s Choice Award podcast. But we decided to record an extended version with bonus content for our loyal Fintech […]

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107: Betacarbon, Guy Dickinson

Blockchain to empower Australians to tackle carbon emissions. Episode 107 of Fintech Chatter Podcast with Dexter Cousins features Guy Dickinson, CEO of BetaCarbon. BetaCarbon is a climate tech start-up at the intersection of environmental impact and blockchain technology. Their mission is to increase the demand for high-quality Australian carbon credits, in turn bringing new green projects online and accelerating […]

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