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Hiring world-class leadership talent is time-consuming, expensive and complex. Global talent shortages and a highly regulated Fintech sector add even more complexity to the search.

At Tier One People we make it simpler to hire outstanding Fintech leaders. And we do it faster and more affordably than traditional executive search firms.

That’s why companies like Revolut, 10x, 86 400, Lendi, Q2, True Layer and many more trust us to help them launch, scale and innovate.

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About Us.

Founded in 2016 by Dexter Cousins, Tier One People is the recommended executive search partner by peak industry body, FinTech Australia.

The mission of Tier One People is to help Australia become a world-class Fintech ecosystem. We've built long-standing partnerships with FinTech Australia, Austrade, UK DIT and Blockchain Australia - bringing ventures and talent together.

Dexter plays a key role in the Australian Fintech startup ecosystem. He's acted as advisor to 100's of founders and is passionate about helping the next wave of entrepreneurs.

Recognised globally as a leading voice on Fintech talent, Dexter is also host and creator of Australia's no1 Fintech podcast, Fintech Chatter. 

His most cherished role is that of Dad and Husband. Dexter believes family values of trust, fairness and doing the right thing should extend to clients and the broader Fintech community.
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Australia's no1 Fintech podcast.

Tier One People presents Fintech Chatter, Australia's leading Fintech podcast listened to in over 40 countries!

Each week we feature exclusive interviews with global Fintech leaders and influencers.

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