116: 10x, Leda Glyptis

By Dexter Cousins on 25/06/2022

In Ep116 of Fintech Chatter Podcast Dexter Cousins is joined by Leda Glyptis, Chief Client Officer for 10x Banking.

In late 2019 Westpac and 10x announced a world first. One of the world's biggest banks partnering with a Fintech startup to build a Banking as a Service platform, so Westpac could partner with other Fintech startups.

In another world first, Westpac announced Afterpay would become the first customer of the 10x BaaS partnership.

Founded by banking legend Anthony Jenkins (previously global CEO of Barclays Bank) and based in London, 10x Banking has also partnered with JP Morgan Chase to launch a UK digital retail offering.

Dexter and Leda talk about 10x Bankings plans for Australia and just how much the Australian Fintech scene has evolved since Leda's last visit to Australia for Sibos in 2018.

About Leda.

Leda is Chief Client Officer of 10x Banking. A former banker, technology executive and founding CEO of 11:FS Foundry, leading the growth of its modular core digital banking offering. Prior to that, Leda was Chief Innovation Officer at Qatar National Bank, the largest bank in the Middle East and North Africa, with responsibilities for employee-driven and market-led innovation strategy and execution. 

Prior to QNB, Leda was a Director at business and technology consulting firm Sapient, focusing on digital transformation and emerging technologies, and led EMEA innovation at BNY Mellon. Leda joined BNY Mellon from fintech start-up Great East London Software, where she served as Head of Services Development. 

Leda holds an MA from King’s College, Cambridge, and an MSc and PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She has taught politics, global governance and management principles, while working in management roles across various industries. 

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