139: Leda Glyptis | Bankers Like Us

By Joanne Cousins on 24/03/2023

In Ep 139 of the Fintech Chatter Podcast, Dexter Cousins welcomes back Leda Glyptis, author of Bankers Like Us.

In this chat Dexter talks to Leda about Bankers Like Us: Dispatches from an Industry in Transition - it's a recounting of the challenges Leda has faced in her career, driving digital transformation in some of the worlds largest banks.

About Bankers Like Us

"Bankers Like Us - Dispatches from an Industry in Transition" looks at the human and structural obstacles to innovation-driven transformation and at the change in habits, mindsets and leadership needed for the next stage of the digital journey.

Leda argues that this change will be brought about, not by external heroes and saviours, not by a generation yet to be born, but people just like us. People who understand the industry and its' quirks. Bankers who have the grit, determination and energy to drive change. Bankers like us.

This book celebrates and chronicles the shared experience of bankers like us. It starts with a ‘this is who we are’ piece, including Leda's own personal experiences. It then presents an overview of corporate culture (this is what we deal with and a few ideas on how to handle it), as well as a piece on why transformation is so difficult and so many get it wrong; a piece on the challenges our lack of diversity brings or compounds, and a hopeful look-ahead on what a team of principled, dedicated folks can do despite everything.

About Leda Glyptis

Leda, is the author of the LedaWrites Fintech Futures column and regular contributor at industry events and publications. She is a lapsed academic and a recovering banker, having worked in ‘incumbent banks’ across various geographies and functions including innovation, IT and Operations.

Most recently, Leda works as Chief Client Officer at 10x and has served at 11FS Foundry, QNB, Sapient and BNY Mellon. She holds an MA from King’s College Cambridge and an MSc and PhD from the London School of Economics.

Order - Bankers Like Us: Dispatches from an Industry in Transition

Article written by Joanne Cousins

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