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Thanks for stopping by this page. I Founded Tier One People in 2016 to help Australia become a leading nation in Fintech. Why? Because I genuinely believe that Fintech will create a fairer, safer and better future for my kids.

My passion and belief have led me to become a leading voice in the Fintech community.

The mission of Tier One People is clear. We bring talent and ventures together to build world-class Fintech. The values of fairness, kindness, discretion and transparency are fundamental to how we conduct business.

Tier One People has become a leader in Fintech and is the recommended executive search partner by peak industry body FinTech Australia. Our partners include Austrade, UK Department of Industry and Trade, and Blockchain Australia.

However, my greatest passion is helping the next wave of Fintech entrepreneurs. I've acted as an advisor to hundreds of Fintech startups. In 2019 I created Fintech Chatter Podcast to give a voice and platform to founders. We are listened to in over forty countries and have over 250,000 downloads.

I feel privileged to contribute to the Australian Fintech startup ecosystem. But I cherish most my roles as a Dad and Husband. Tier One People is a family business, and we extend our values to clients and the broader Fintech community.
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