120: Koba Insurance, Andrew Wong

By Joanne Cousins on 21/07/2022

In episode 120 of the Fintech Chatter podcast, Dexter Cousins is joined by Andrew Wong of Koba Insurance.

Koba, a data-driven Australian car insurance company

Koba's offers comprehensive car insurance at a flat (whilst parked) fee, with an add on cost per km's driven. So, if you work from home and your car is sitting in your garage then you simply don't pay any extra. With an ever-growing number of cars linked to smart technology, this offers a fairer pricing option for many customers.

KOBA is led by an industry-leading insurance professionals team, not just a bunch of tech guys trying to solve insurance problems, they understand that technology gives them a competitive advantage.

Andrew is a senior executive with a background in digital and commercial marketing strategy. He has worked on the digital launch of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands for corporate environments and start-ups in global markets incl. US, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, China, and the UK.

He is a natural salesperson and performance-based marketeer with a dedication to gain rapid and measurable ROI. He has successfully assembled high-performing teams and navigated through complicated landscapes and chaos to achieve a collective vision.

Find out about Koba Insurance here

Find out about Andrew Wong here

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