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How To Pick a Founders Brains!


Networking Advice From The Nicest Guy In Fintech – Ben Webster of Insured By Us.

Our good friend Ben Webster went on a bit of a twitter rant recently. It turns out his thread struck a chord, went viral and contains a step by step guide on how to connect with and get advice from a busy founder (or Headhunter), without p!ssing them off!

While the advice is geared towards asking founders for advice, we think this formula works especially well for anyone seeking career advice. We receive 25 requests per day from people wanting to pick our brains and have coffee! If you really want to stand out from the crowd for the right reasons, here’s how to do it.



How To Approach People, This Is Gold!
Fintech Career Advice


Setting The Agenda.
Fintech Career Advice


Managing Your Expectations.
Fintech career advice
Fintech Career Advice Ben Webster


And The Cherry On The Top!
FIntech Career Advice

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