007: CANVAS | David Lavecky

By Joanne Cousins on 15/03/2023

In Ep. 007 of Blockchain Chatter Dexter Cousins talks to David Lavecky, CEO and Co-Founder of CANVAS

Tune in as they discuss the latest RBA CBDC eAUD initiative and the work CANVAS is piloting on Atomic FX settlements.

As a payments and fintech veteran, David shares his thoughts on the convergence of blockchain and payments and why he feels the time is right for mainstream adoption of the technology.


CANVAS is a global blockchain company with a mission to digitise finance. They offer decentralized capital market infrastructure that enables financial institutions and governments to easily expand their reach into the digital economy.

Canvas Connect is a privacy focused Layer 2 ZK network built for finance and the digital economy. Connect extends the capabilities of Ethereum with assurances of privacy, high speed and low costs.

Connect uses an API first model that supports easy integration with no solidity skills required.

Capital Markets Applications are built on the network that enable the Transfer, Trade & Investment of Tokenised Real World Assets, Stablecoins, CBDCs & Digital Assets, all with privacy and secured by Ethereum.

With a deep understanding of financial markets and the digital economy, CANVAS is committed to driving the digital transformation of banks, financial institutions, and governments in the modern landscape. By providing innovative solutions that are faster, more secure, and more cost-effective than traditional systems, Canvas is helping to unlock the potential of digital finance globally.

About David Lavecky

David is a highly experienced technology entrepreneur and investor, and CEO and Co-Founder of CANVAS 

He was previously the Co-Founder, COO & EVP of Pure Commerce which was one of Australia’s first high-growth fintech companies, providing electronic payment infrastructure to banks globally. Following the sale of Pure Commerce to Euronet WorldWide (NASDAQ: EEFT), David was retained to continue the global growth, working with major banks and financial institutions across the globe.

As their next venture, David and his brother Daniel Co-Founded CANVAS in the belief that Blockchain technologies, Digital Assets, & Tokenisation will radically transform financial and capital markets over the next decade with trillions of $ of securities and currencies to be tokenized and traded 24/7/365.

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Article written by Joanne Cousins

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