115: Kit, Yish Koh

By Joanne Cousins on 20/06/2022

In episode 115 of the Fintech Chatter podcast, Dexter Cousins is joined by Yish Koh, MD of Kit. Launched in Beta in May 2022, Kit is the latest venture from x15ventures, CommBank’s venture-scaling entity.

Kit is an ‘earning and learning’ money app, that helps school-aged kids build financial capability through fun, evidence-based and experiential learning. Nifty nudges and kid-friendly explainers are delivered by Kit – a friendly, in-app sidekick, who helps make money, make sense.

Prior to being MD of Kit, Yish Koh was Head of Portfolio at x15, responsible for new venture investment and building opportunities. Starting off her career in management consulting, she spent several years working in the NFP sector in early learning, disability services, and health insurance, prior to joining CBA.

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