86: Mambu, Kristofer Rogers on Fintech Chatter

By Joanne Cousins on 14/07/2021

In episode 86 of Fintech Chatter Podcast, Dexter Cousins is joined by Kristofer Rogers, General Manager for Australia and New Zealand at Mambu, the cloud-native digital banking platform.

Kris is instrumental in solidifying Mambu’s presence in this region. In this exclusive interview, he shares the company plans for the region and why Mambu sees Australia as a great place to grow.

Kris gives his thoughts on open banking and where Mambu can play an active role in creating ecosystems between incumbents and Fintechs. He and Dexter discuss the rapidly blurring boundaries of where Fintech and other industries are blurring.

And Kris gives advice on leadership, launching businesses and he also shares his tips on how to be successful in a Country Manager style role.

About Kristofer Rogers

In November 2019, Kris was named the Start-Up Executive of the Year at the CEO Magazine’s Executive of the Year Awards for his work as the CEO of Split Payments. 

Kris was the driving force behind Split Payments’ success and transformation into a key player in direct debit and real-time payments solutions. 

Kris is recognised as an innovator in the tech industry and a thought leader in emerging payments and, specifically, open banking. He regularly speaks at events and on panels.

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Article written by Joanne Cousins

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