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By Dexter Cousins on 23/11/2023

In episode 178 of Fintech Chatter Podcast, Dexter Cousins is joined by Ada Guan, CEO and Co-Founder of Rich Data Co (RDC.)

Rich Data Co Series B Announced.

Is there a viable use case for AI in banking? Will AI replace Bankers?

Making her Fintech Chatter debut Ada Guan CEO of Rich Data Co shares how they are reinventing the way banks assess and provide credit to businesses, using AI.

It's an awesome episode where we talk about:

Real AI use cases for banking
Modernising a 70 year old credit model
Leaving a corporate job to start a business
Hiring and retaining the best AI and Data engineers
How rock climbing has helped create a high performance culture
How to consistently win business with major banks (with only 2 people in sales and marketing)

Rich Data Co Fintech Chatter Podcast

About Rich Data Co

RDC is delivering the future of credit, today!  Rich Data Co is on a mission to make credit accessible, fair, inclusive, and sustainable. By using AI, the team at RDC has developed new techniques leveraging traditional and non-traditional data to get the right decision in a clear and explainable way.

Customers expectations on credit have changed drastically in the past decade. Global leading financial institutions are leveraging the RDC AI decisioning platform to offer credit in a way that aligns to the customers’ needs and expectations.

RDC's AI Decisioning platform harnesses the incredible potential of AI and combines it with industry expertise to create the ‘AI brain for a bank’. RDC is accelerating innovation in business lending to deliver transformational and sustainable long-term business success for customers.

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About Ada

Ada brings over 20 years’ global experience in financial services, software, and retail industries. 

Leading a Global Client Advisor team at Oracle Corporation, she advised board and C-level executives in large global banks on digital disruption and Fintech strategy, and drove Oracle thought leadership in banking digital transformation for Global Key Accounts. 

During her time at Westpac Bank in Australia, Ada implemented a multi-million dollar program to deliver a mission critical services layer for the Bank and formulated the IT strategy that formed the basis of the $800m investment program to transform Westpac’s Product and Operation division, and complete the merger with St. George Bank. 

Ada holds an EMBA from the Australia Graduate School of Management, and a Master of Computer Engineering from the University of New South Wales, Australia.

Article written by Dexter Cousins
Founder of Tier One People and host of the Fintech Chatter Podcast.

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