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By Dexter Cousins on 13/08/2022

Welcome to Blockchain news, a weekly roundup and dissection of the Big news headlines across blockchain and digital assets.

Dexter Cousins is joined by Blockchain leader of the year and Founder of Genesis Block, Chloe White.

Chloe and Dexter cover the latest Blockchain and digital asset headlines.

Reserve Bank and Digital Finance Cooperative Research Centre to Explore Use Cases for CBDC

Is this a case of innovation theatre? Is there a real need for a CBDC in Australia?

What is the chance of an Australian CBDC becoming a real thing?

ASIC Survey - 44% of Retail Investors Hold Crypto Assets

What does this mean for regulation in Australia?

Ethereums Final Testnet Merge Goes Live

What does the Ethereum merge mean? What impact will it have on Ethereum moving forward?

What are some of the risks, especially if there is a fork on POW and POS?

How likely is it this will go ahead in September?

U.S. Treasury Sanctions Tornado Cash

What are the implications here for anyone who has used Tornado Cash?

What does it mean for regulation?

How does the US or any government sanction a piece of code?

What could be the potential washout from this move?

Other Blockchain Weekly News

Crypto exchange Huobi looks for a buyer. 

Reports that Leon Li, the founder and CEO of Huobi Global, is in talks with investors to sell his majority stake in the cryptocurrency exchange, 

SBF and Justin Sun are said to be likely buyers.

Blackrock and Coinbase are partnering to offer a spot Bitcoin trust

BlackRock has seen substantial interest in crypto from their clients despite the market’s steep downturn

Its new bitcoin trust follows a deal to connect Blackrocks Aladdin platform to Coinbase Prime


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