Ezypay, James Foster on Fintech Chatter.

In episode 83 of Fintech Chatter Dexter Cousins is joined by James Foster CEO of Ezypay.

Ezypay is Australia’s first Subscription Payments company and an OG bootstrapped Fintech success! The business has been profitable and generating its own cash flow since starting in 1996.

Over the last 25 years, Ezypay has grown to 9 countries across Asia-Pacific. Reinvesting in technology. Ezypay has developed an innovative cloud billing platform, integrated with leading software companies across a range of industries.

James and Dexter talk about the Ezypay journey, the benefits of bootstrapping, rocketship growth, pivots and what it means to run a profitable business with zero VC funding.

If like us, you love a good bootstrap story then you will love this episode!

About James Foster.

James joined Ezypay in 2017 and has over 20 years’ experience in technology-driven businesses across marketing, sales and technology leadership roles.

His experience working at senior levels in global software and services organisations allows him to drive Ezypay’s ambitious growth objectives.

Find out more – https://www.ezypay.com/

Connect with James 

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