80: AgriDigital, Jins Kadwood

By Joanne Cousins on 29/04/2021

In episode 80 of the Fintech Chatter Podcast, Dexter Cousins is joined by Jins Kadwood, Chief Technology Officer of Agridigital.

Dexter first met Jins in 2018 alongside the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison handing Jins the CTO of the year at the Fintech Awards. 

So it was cool to see Jins join another Fintech Chatter guest, Agridigital as CTO.

Backed by Square Peg Capital and founded by Emma Weston and Bob McKay, Agridigital is an Australian Fintech providing farmers with a digital way to manage grain from production to payment anywhere, anytime.

Jins chats about how Agridigital is combining technologies across blockchain,  smart contracts, Defi and peer 2 peer lending to revolutionise the farming industry.

Jins also shares how his past experience as a professional soccer coach influences his approach to building and leading tech teams.

You can find out more about AgridigitalConnect with Jins

And finally, we promised to plug Jins' latest passion project Stylish CTO

And Ms Tyler

Article written by Joanne Cousins

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