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60: David M Brear, 11:FS

Fintech Australia Podcast #60 and Dexter Cousins is joined by 11:FS CEO and Co-Founder, David M Brear.

As a good friend of the show and star guest of ep2 of Fintech Australia Podcast,  it seemed only right that we ask David M Brear of 11FS back for a Christmas chat.

Digital Financial Services Is Only 1% Finished and this realisation has spurred David's desire to establish an organisation that can actually support the industry through its greatest challenge.

11:FS is a challenger to the incumbent consultancies. We create innovative strategies and build out new propositions and ventures in the UK, US, Europe and Asia for some of the biggest brands on the planet. Alongside this 11:FS build in-house products from competitor benchmarking tools like 11:FS Pulse, to core banking and modern architecture systems like 11:FS Foundry.

In 4 years 11:FS has gone from zero brand and zero revenues to a multimillion a month business with one of the hottest brands in fintech all with zero external investment in the group. 

Join us as we talk about the year that was 2020, the impacts of Covid on the Fintech industry, the rise of BNPL and where the future of Fintech is headed.

David shares his leadership lessons of 2020 and his thoughts on what we can expect in 2021.

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