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A Tier One People/FinTech Australia initiative

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Getting the Fintech community back to work

In response to job losses due to Covid-19, Tier One People has partnered with Fintech Australia to launch the Fintech Talent Market.

The Fintech Talent Market Place is a community, LinkedIn Group and jobs market. A place where talent teams and hirers can advertise jobs, connecting directly to a highly experienced, relevant and readily available talent pool.

The Fintech Talent Market is totally free to join for Fintech talent and FinTech Australia Members.

We don’t charge to advertise and there are no fees if you hire someone.

The initiative helps those who have lost their job in Fintech.

We connect you to jobs with companies like Xinja, Klarna, Revolut, Wisr, 86 400, Lendi,  Valiant Finance, ReInventure Group, Transferwise and many others.

Rebecca Schot-Guppy

Rebecca Schot-Guppy, CEO FinTech Australia

“This crisis will cost many their jobs, and the fintech industry is not immune. However the FinTech Talent Marketplace is a way that we can help those whose jobs are impacted and keep them in the ecosystem,”

Dexter Cousins –  Tier One People

We are offering our support to job seekers with a load of free content, workshops and tools to get you back to work.

If your job has been impacted by Covid-19, support is at hand.

Once you are approved to join the group you’ll have direct access to jobs, artciles, podcasts, videos and live webinars to help you maximise the job search.

dexter cousins fintech headhunter

Request to join the Fintech talent market.

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