#59 Joe McGuire, MyMy

Dexter Cousins chats to Joe McGuire, CEO and Co-founder of MyMy on the FinTech Australia Podcast.

MyMy is a Malaysian FinTech aiming to be the first Neo Bank while tackling the issue of financial inclusion. I thought this was a show about Australian Fintechs? I hear you say. Well, Joe McGuire is an Aussie and spent part of his career with Commonwealth Bank before joining Airwallex in the early days.

In 2017 Joe spotted a huge opportunity in Malaysia and began the journey of what he and the co-founders are planning to be Malaysia’s first Neo Bank.

In building MyMy’s core system from scratch, Joe and the team is re-defining financial services in Malaysia.  And having built the technology platform that can spin up a bank in six weeks, MyMy is spinning off another business to challenge rising stars like Railsbank.

Tune in for a super interesting discussion on the challenges Joe faced launching a start up in Malaysia, the size of the SE Asia opportunity, the obligatory Covid-19 ‘Pivot’ and why the Neo Bank model will prove to be a winner in the next decade.

For more info go to https://www.my-my.com/

#58 Yanir Yakutiel, Lumi

Dexter Cousins chats to Yanir Yakutiel, CEO and Founder of Lumi, Australia’s fastest growing, 100% digital, business lender. 

Yanir and the team have built a platform from scratch to deliver a 100% digital process from lead generation, origination, credit risk assessment through to loan execution.

Yanir is now on his second startup, as a native Israeli, entrepreneurship is in his DNA. We talk about what makes Israel such a special place for innovation in Fintech. 

Although Australia has a very different culture, Yanir has been able to distill the Israeli values and approach, applying it successfully to Lumi.

Yanir shares his tips for building a diverse, high performing team at the forefront of innovation in lending. And in the spirit of keeping things authentic, Yanir delivers in the traditional Israeli way, with a lot of chutzpah!

To find out more go to https://www.lumi.com.au/

#57 Lauren Capelin, Startmate

Dexter Cousins chats to Lauren Capelin, Principal at Startmate about the rapidly evolving Fintech scene and discovering the next generation of startups.

Startmate brings together exceptional founders, operators and investors through their  accelerator programs. Over the past decade they have invested in 130+ startups, with a collective portfolio value of $1 billion. 

Lauren has played a significant part in Australia’s Fintech community. Joining ReInventure (Westpac’s CVC) in early 2015 as Head of Community, Lauren has nurtured some of Australia’s most successful FinTech startups.

As a Board Director with FinTech Australia, Lauren has supported the organisation through the tough times and leaves behind a legacy with the organisation and industry in great shape.

Lauren talks about her move to Startmate and bringing through the next generation of Startups. Through their Fellowship Program, Startmate is supporting over 100 female leaders and startup founders. We chat about the strength of Australia’s Fintech startup community, the next generation of founders and how the Startmate programme is now driving the next level innovation.

Apply for the latest in take at Startmate (Applications close 24/11/20)

For more information on Startmate https://www.startmate.com.au/program

To join the Fellowship Programme https://www.startmate.com.au/thefellowship

#56 Josh Foreman, Indebted

Dexter Cousins speaks to Josh Foreman, Founder and CEO of Indebted, a Fintech revolutionising debt collection.

Indebted replaces annoying and confronting calls with convenient and compelling messaging. Using data science to understand  customers better, every message from InDebted provides one-click access to a self-service portal where customers can resolve their account without speaking to anyone. 

Dexter talks to Josh about how technology is humanising debt collection and in the process improving people’s financial and mental wellbeing.

Josh himself is a serial entrepreneur.  He’s your quintessential computer nerd,  got his first computer at 10, was building his own by 12, he then ran an online review website during high school to pay for broadband internet (when that became a thing).

During university Josh fell in love with the idea of building his own company. He lasted all of 18 months in the corporate world before jumping into his first start up.

InDebted is Josh’s third startup where he is focused on redefining the global collections industry.

To find out more go to https://www.indebted.co/

#55 Mandeep Sodhi, Effi

Dexter Cousins chats to Mandeep Sodhi, CEO and Founder of Effi, a SaaS platform using AI that enables Mortgage Brokers to spend more time with their clients while streamlining the home loan application process.

Mandeep is an OG Fintech entrepreneur and is now on his 2nd Fintech startup. Previously Mandeep was CEO and co-founder of Hashching, one of the first fintech to go through H2 Ventures accelerator.

Mandeep shares his deep experience in raising capital, building high performing teams on no budget and even how to deal with the F Word, Failure.

To find out more about Effi https://effi.com.au/

#54 Andy Taylor – Douugh

Dexter Cousins is joined by Andy Taylor, CEO of Douugh, an Aussie Neo Bank doing things very differently.

Douugh recently listed on the ASX and has seen 10x growth in the share price since listing. It’s a bold vision with launch in the US first through partnerships with existing banks and Mastercard.

A software business that helps consumers save and create wealth is a more accurate description for Douugh. They are taking a very different approach to neo banking by redefining financial products and operating model.

Dexter chats to Andy about the vision, why he decided to list and why Douugh is going US first.

For more info go to https://douugh.com/