How to scale a Fintech. Tips on hiring.
Dexter Cousins |
Fintech founders know more than most, the damage caused by making the wrong hire. Especially when a company is in the earlier stages of growth....
Fintech Hiring Advice
Busting Startup Hiring Myths
Dexter Cousins |
If you are a Fintech leader, you will probably agree that hiring great people can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Since launching in 2016,...
Fintech Jobs Market Update
FinTech Talent Hot Spots in 2019
Dexter Cousins |
2019 is shaping up to be a HUGE year for FinTech in Australia. But where is all the FinTech Talent to help you grow your...
Mandeep Sodhi
Mandeep Sodhi – HashChing
Dexter Cousins |
Hashching launched in August 2015 as an online marketplace connecting borrowers to a local mortgage brokers. It is a pure Fintech play operating an Uber...