Decoding Remote Work - Tips on Productivity and Performance Management

By Dexter Cousins on 17/07/2023

Mark Lewis of Crewmojo shares his hacks on making remote work effective for startups and scaleups

Making remote work, work!

In the age of remote work, organisations are challenged to maintain productivity and engagement while navigating the complexities of virtual work environments. This insightful interview Mark Lewis from CrewMojo chats to Dexter Cousins about the evolution of performance management as we spend more time leading our employees from afar.

The traditional model of performance management has been disrupted by the shift to remote work. Employees no longer operate in close proximity, and feedback is often delayed or nonexistent.

As we navigate the choppy waters of remote work and productivity, Mark offers valuable insights. We debate the challenge of managing remote workers, the shift from daily face-to-face interactions to asynchronous communication, and the importance of carving out a clear divide between work and home life.

They also ponder the role of leadership in setting clear expectations and helping to grow their teams, the disconnect between high and low performers, and even the potential of a four-day work week.

Mark and Dexter explore the evolution of performance management within hybrid work models, and how to build a mutually beneficial relationship in your organisation. The chat dissects the power dynamics between employers and employees, and discuss how to get work done effectively as if there was no hierarchy. Looking at the design of a flexible work policy, Mark highlights the importance of aligning individuals, teams, customers, and company, and how to negotiate in a way that benefits all parties. Join us on this insightful journey, where we rethink traditional work norms and discover new paths to productivity and staff engagement.


  • 0:00 - Work From Home and Productivity
  • 8:56 - The Evolution of Performance Management
  • 14:45 - Working From Home Challenges and Productivity
  • 23:41 - Performance Management and Hybrid Work Models
  • 36:27 - Working From Home
  • 46:39 - Designing a Flexible Work Policy
  • 50:25 - Building a Mutually Beneficial Relationship
  • 57:45 - Connecting With Tier One Fintech

About Mark Lewis

Mark is a people focused entrepreneur with a passion and curiosity for discovering new approaches to traditional ways. He likes a good challenge and has a need to continually improve himself but he really gets his kicks when he sees the team around him truly succeeding.

That's why Mark started Crewmojo, Performance development for the modern workforce. The Crewmojo platform helps leaders engage and motivate  employees with a real-time continuous approach to employee performance.

Previously a co-founder of IP Payments which rapidly became the go-to organisation for complex corporate payment solutions. In 2015 IP Payments was successfully acquired by Bambora Group, an entity of Nordic Capital.

To find out more about Crewmojo go to:

Article written by Dexter Cousins
Founder of Tier One People and host of the Fintech Chatter Podcast.

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