117: Dom Pym on Up and Euphemia

By Dexter Cousins on 01/07/2022

In Episode 117 of Fintech Chatter podcast, Dexter Cousins is joined by Fintech Leader of the Year, Dom Pym.

Dexter first met Dom Pym in 2018 as Up went into Beta phase - He made the bold claim back then that Dom was the Steve Jobs of Aussie Fintech.

Since then Up has become a world-class digital bank and Dom has had a massive impact on Fintech Down Under. 

As a co-founder of Up and Ferocia Dom has also made successful exits from Pin Payments and Nutmeg.

Ferocia was recently acquired by Bendigo Bank giving Dom and business partner Grant Thomas the dream exit. 

While Dom still is very much involved in UP, he recently announced his family office, Euphemia, which promises to support the next wave of startups. It’s a unique approach and one that puts people and values at the very core of the investment thesis.

In part one Dexter chats to Dom about UP and in Part two they talk about Euphemia's multi-generational strategy. With an ambitious goal to create real change for Australians, addressing climate change, diversity, poverty and social disparity.

About Dom Pym

Dom’s been involved in numerous start-ups and large-scale technology projects since the 1990's, in Australia and overseas.

Dom sits on the board of directors at Fintech Australia, and the advisory Board at Bendigo Bank, and continues to work on Up (up.com.au, Australia’s most successful digital bank, highest rated bank, and most trusted bank). Up’s built to help #Upsiders spend wisely and save effortlessly.

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Article written by Dexter Cousins
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