Brenton Charnley TrueLayer

Brenton Charnley - CEO, TrueLayer

I have worked with Dexter over the last four years both as client in recruiting talent as well as anindividual candidate where Dexter placed me in a searched role. From this, I am confident in saying that Dexter and Tier One People are the leading talent agency for tech companies in Australia.

Dexter and Tier One People support not only candidates find their right role (and organisation), but also ensuring that the organisation and internal teams are equipped with the right skills, tools and approaches to support the incoming talent. Dexter's natural collaborative style, technical talent knowledge, industry experience, care for others and candidness, means that the right outcome is obtained for all involved. Often this means saying no, or recommending a different approach to what you might think to get the right outcome. You will be certain you are getting the advice you need when working with Dexter.

Dexter has been actively involved in the Fintech and Insurtech Community for more than 4 years and has contributed to the development of the community outside of Talent and Recruitment. Dexter is always willing to connect and support people to get where they need to get to. I have been both personally and professionally supported by Dexter and have seen the impact he has made over the last few years in insurtech, and more recently in Fintech and supporting people during the pandemic. Both Dexter and Jo have fought tooth and nail to help people affected, even where it may not have benefited them directly. This is very different to the normal talent agency looking to quickly place talent and move on for a fee.

As an individual candidate, Dexter was available to support me through the search process, to listen and to provide meaningful and candid input. He was able to carefully manage both professional and emotional challenges as they arose and gave needed feedback and guidance. Dexter has a unique ability to cut through the 'bullshit' with you and get you focussed on what is important. Dexter knew the value I was able to provide, even when the client may not have seen it. This can only be developed through building solid long term relationships not through LinkedIn research alone.

If you are a tech company looking to work with a Talent Partner, then you have found the right team with Dexter and Tier One People. You will get the advice you need, the talent you are looking for and will enjoy working with Dexter more than anything else.