102: Sherlok, Adam Grocke

By Dexter Cousins on 25/02/2022

The solo founder revolutionising the lending industry.

The Fintech Chatter Podcast is proud to launch our 2022 initiative, providing a platform for the next generation of Fintech startups to showcase their business. Dexter Cousins will be chatting to 50 founders to discover what is driving them to take a massive leap of faith in what has been a very tough couple of (Covid) years!

This week Adam Grocke Founder and CEO of Sherlok joins Dexter Cousins to chat about his transformation from mortgage broker to fintech entrepreneur and how he is helping brokers be the hero.

More About Sherlok

After 12 years as a mortgage broker (and winner of awards like Broker of the Year and Top 30 Brokers Under 30 in Australia), he was sick and tired of banks offering better interest rates to new mortgage customers while existing customers were being charged a ‘loyalty tax’ (a higher interest rate the longer they’re with the bank). So he came up with a solution: Sherlok, an AI engine that helps mortgage brokers keep their clients for longer, protect their trail book income, and generate valuable refinancing leads.

Sherlok is Australia’s first automated repricing and refinancing tool that

1. Predicts when a client is likely to leave a broker
2. Lowers their home loan interest rate to keep them
3. Runs instant refi comparisons to entice refinancing
All branded as the broker so they are the hero.

Sherlok's next phase is single click refinancing which will reshape the finance industry forever.

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Article written by Dexter Cousins

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