100 Episodes of Fintech Chatter Podcast

By Dexter Cousins on 03/12/2021

Dexter Cousins celebrating 100 episodes of the the show.

In episode 101 of Fintech Chatter Podcast we look back on 100 episodes as I share some of my highlights from the show.

It’s been an absolute blast producing the show and I never thought it would make it past one episode, never mind 101

First up I want to thank you for listening to the show. It really blows me away when people share feedback, subscribe and give five-star reviews

Lots of experts offer advice on how to monetise the show but it will always be free from paid sponsors and will always be about featuring great guests to a great audience. Our loyal listeners don’t deserve ads!

And with that in mind I’ll be mixing things up in 2022  including video interviews, more features on careers and leadership plus special live shows.

I’d like to thank every guest for making the show what it is, as I’m sure none of you tune in to listen to my dulcet tones every week.

And a special thanks to Fintech Australia who partnered with us on the show for 60 plus episodes.

We start off the show with where it all began ep 1 with Anthony Nantes of Wisr.

I recorded this podcast at the Wisr offices on Halloween, Anthony greeted me in a Darth Vader costume. You’ll notice as well that the show was originally called Fintech Game Changers, pretty lame eh!

  • Lee Hatton, Afterpay - one of the most energetic people you will ever meet. She remains the only person in 100 episodes to sing on the show.
  • Anthony Thomson, 86400 - the Ant and Dec special, a bit odd to have two Geordies on a Fintech Australia Podcast talking about Neo Banks and Will.i.Am
  • Domm Holland, Fast - What a guy. This was one of the most inspiring interviews I’ve ever done. 
  • Bianca Bates, Cuscal - I find out Cuscal are behind world-leading innovations in payments and digital banking.
  • Lizzie Chapman, Zest - One of the main motivations in starting the podcast was to give my network access to the conversations I have with brilliant people every day. Lizzie is one of them.
  • Joe McGuire, MyMy - I usually get to catch up with Joe at Intersekt or Mony 2020, but given the world was in Lockdown, we decided to record a podcast instead.
  • Caroline Bowler, BTC markets - They say time flies when you are having fun and this recording flew by. It's 30 minutes in before we even mention NFT’s! 
  • Gareth Gumbley, Frollo - Recorded at a point in Fintech history, Gareth and his team had just completed the first authorised data exchange on CDR. 
  • Marie Steinthaler, TrueLayer - Marie and her dog Hunti join me from Hong Kong to talk about open banking, CDR and how TrueLayer is the LEGO of Fintech
  • Neal Cross, Picture Wealth - When you get a guest who has been a computer game designer and a real-life Ninja on the show, how could you not have fun.
Article written by Dexter Cousins
Founder of Tier One People and host of the Fintech Chatter Podcast.

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