Matt Baxby from Revolut on his role as Global CEO

Tier One People helps Fintech companies hire leadership talent with the potential to make an impact.

One of those great hires is Matt Baxby, Australian CEO for Revolut. Matt shares his experience over the first 18 months. There are some great tips here for any Fintech founder looking to expand overseas. Or for country managers here in Australia looking to make their business a success.

Article courtsey of Matt Baxby on Linkedin

” You never know what’s around the corner. “

I joined Revolut in February 2020 as CEO of our Australian business.  The mission was clear. In the words of our founder Nik Storonsky while I was shadowing him in London during my first week: “Conquer your market.” I returned to Australia just before COVID hit, and translated those marching orders into four priorities: to build an A-grade team; set the foundation by getting the right licences in place; draw on Revolut’s extensive product catalogue to build and localise our offering in Australia; and then scale.  Having pivoted out of one of Australia’s incumbent banks, I was loving the latitude to build a business from scratch, draw great people to what we were doing and really put the foot down.

What I didn’t expect was the opportunity to step into a global role, working with our founders and local CEOs in each of Revolut’s seven major markets to help build a global platform serving 16 million personal customers and half a million small businesses.

Someone working remotely in Brisbane was an unlikely candidate, but this is where I found myself in August 2020.

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