Tier One People turns five years old

A message from Tier One People’s founder, Dexter Cousins.

Tier One People launched on 2nd June 2016 to provide executive search expertise to the Fintech industry.

As Joanne and I celebrate 5 years of Tier One People we wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to….

  • The 60 plus clients, past and present.
  • The 150 plus people, we’ve helped find new jobs for.
  • The 100 plus guests, we’ve featured on the Fintech Chatter podcast.
  • The 100,000 plus people who have listened to the show.
  • The global Fintech community for embracing what we are doing.
  • To our kids Ava and Harry who inspire us each day to become better parents, people and business leaders.

Five Things I’ve learned from 5 years of Tier One People.

  1. Do the right thing by people – The measure of my success is how easily I can put my head on the pillow and sleep at night. Being nice is massively underrated.
  2. Learn to say ‘No’ – Shooting at rabbits scares off big game. In the early days, I chased after and said yes to everything. It created confusion for potential clients and I missed out on big opportunities. A big lesson learned which set me on the path of…..
  3. Focus – We laser-focused our vision in late 2017 to help Australia become the no1 destination for Fintech innovation and to become the leading executive search brand in Fintech. By finding a purpose bigger than Tier One and staying true to our vision we’ve attracted some of the world’s most revered Fintech brands as clients.
  4. Believe it to achieve it – In 2016 Zip and Afterpay had just listed, Fintech Australia had just been formed and most of our clients didn’t exist. It wasn’t until late 2018 that Fintech began to take off in Australia. But our belief in the huge potential of the sector saw us through a lean two years.
  5. One day you are the pigeon the next you are the statue – In the early days, this was a metaphor/belief I had around luck and good fortune, but I’ve since changed its meaning to become a daily reminder If you stand still you will get shat on! If you don’t want to be shat on from a great height, keep flying, don’t stand still.

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