66: Limepay - Careers Special, Claire Alexander

By Dexter Cousins on 22/01/2021

Dexter Cousins ushers in 2021 and season 3 of the FinTech Australia Podcast with Claire Alexander, Head of People at Limepay. 

In this special show Dexter fields questions from you, the listeners, on Fintech career advice.

Tune in as Claire and Dexter discuss which skills are in demand, which skills you should focus on developing, what stage a Fintech will hire specialists over generalists and how to position yourself when applying to roles in Fintech.

They also share insights on resumes, cover letters and how to work best with recruiters. As well as covering one or two career dilemmas.

Find out more about Limepay at https://limepay.com.au

About Claire: Claire has extensive experience in talent acquisition, HR strategy & transformation and coaching. Combined with her passion to build start-ups, Claire also has a coaching business that supports her clients to achieve their career goals using simple strategies and NLP frameworks. 

Since arriving in Australia Claire has spent the last 10+ years in the talent acquisition and HR space.  More recently she supported Zip Co to expand globally as their Global Head of Talent and Organisational Design.

Claire is now helping to scale Limepay, an upcoming Fintech set for rapid growth over the next 12 months. 

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Article written by Dexter Cousins
Founder of Tier One People and host of the Fintech Chatter Podcast.

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