#58 Yanir Yakutiel, Lumi

Nov 19, 2020


Dexter Cousins chats to Yanir Yakutiel, CEO and Founder of Lumi, Australia’s fastest growing, 100% digital, business lender. 

Yanir and the team have built a platform from scratch to deliver a 100% digital process from lead generation, origination, credit risk assessment through to loan execution.

Yanir is now on his second startup, as a native Israeli, entrepreneurship is in his DNA. We talk about what makes Israel such a special place for innovation in Fintech. 

Although Australia has a very different culture, Yanir has been able to distill the Israeli values and approach, applying it successfully to Lumi.

Yanir shares his tips for building a diverse, high performing team at the forefront of innovation in lending. And in the spirit of keeping things authentic, Yanir delivers in the traditional Israeli way, with a lot of chutzpah!

To find out more go to https://www.lumi.com.au/

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