Ep 42: Alan Jones, M8 Ventures

Sep 21, 2020

Dexter Cousins chats to Alan Jones of M8 Ventures on being an angel investor, accelerator programmes and team diversity.

Alan Jones is a startup founder coach and tech startup angel investor based in Sydney. Alan shares his advice for founders on everything from accelerator programmes, asking investors for money and the proven impacts of diversity in teams. This is one Podcast that is educational and a whole lot of fun!

Alan started out as a tech journalist, before becoming an early Yahoo employee. He rode the wild ride of the Dotcom Boom and the Dotcom Crash before leaving to pursue some startup ideas of his own, and although some of them weren’t entirely unsuccessful, all of them were great learning experiences. 

Alan got involved in startup accelerators and incubators to learn how to be an angel investor. He’s been angel investing and helping coach tech startup founders now for more than a decade. 

Also chair of Catalysr, an entrepreneurship accelerator focused on marginalised migrants and refugees, and Alan is currently the third highest-ranked Australian athlete in international hide and seek competition. (behind me!)

He doesn’t want you to email him but you can disagree with him on Twitter at @bigyahu

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