Rebecca Schot-Guppy, FinTech Australia

By Dexter Cousins on 10/09/2020

Rebecca Schot-Guppy joins Dexter to kick-off season two of the FinTech Australia Podcast.

Welcome back! And after a short break, who better to help us kick off season two than our wonderful partners, FinTech Australia.

CEO Rebecca Schot-Guppy joins Dexter Cousins to talk about the Senate Enquiry into Fintech and Senator Braggs recommendations.

COVID has had a devastating impact on the economy, despite such challenges FinTech Australia is stronger than ever, gaining more members over the last six months.

Rebecca shares her secrets to making FinTech Australia the peak industry body.

For those who don't know Rebecca all we can say is she's a force!

You can find out more about membership

You can follow Rebecca on Twitter @SchotGuppy and Linkedin

Article written by Dexter Cousins
Founder of Tier One People and host of the Fintech Chatter Podcast.

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