David Birch - The Currency Cold War

By Dexter Cousins on 18/08/2020

In episode 35 Dexter Cousins chats Fintech with David Birch, Author of 'The Currency Cold War' and renowned commentator on digital payments and ID.

David is an author, advisor and commentator on digital financial services. He leads 15Mb Ltd, is Technology Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (the London-based think tank), a Visiting Professor at the University of Surrey Business School and holds a number of board-level advistory roles.

His recent book " The currency cold war"  is a fascinating read on the future of digital currency and the power battle for global economic power between the US and China.

As the world enters an unprecedented period of global economic uncertainty we talk digital currencies, digital ID, Bitcoin and central banks. Will Libra win, or will China's own digital currency be the move that makes China the world's dominant financial power?

Get set for a fascinating chat.

You can find David on Twitter @dgwbirch and his website http://www.dgwbirch.com/

Article written by Dexter Cousins
Founder of Tier One People and host of the Fintech Chatter Podcast.

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