FinTech Australia partnership announced

Tier One People launch FinTech Talent Market in partnership with FinTech Australia.

FinTech Australia has partnered with Tier One People to launch a Fintech Talent Market in response to increasing job losses through the Covid-19 crisis.

The marketplace, run through LinkedIn Groups, aims to connect people in the Fintech community who have lost their jobs to Fintech companies with jobs.

Revolut, Xinja, Up, Wisr, 86 400, Airwallex, ReInventure Group, Tyro, Lendi and Spriggy are just some of the companies to show their support by joining the group. Jobs and opportunities will start to be advertised in the group this week.

“This crisis will cost many their jobs, and the fintech industry is not immune. However the FinTech Talent Marketplace is a way that we can help those whose jobs are impacted and keep them in the ecosystem,”

FinTech Australia CEO Rebecca Schot-Guppy.

“This is a closed marketplace, for people in the Fintech community. While we are setting this up now, we believe that this initiative will play a key role in the recovery phase of this crisis through growing and hiring staff,”

Dexter Cousins, Managing Director of Tier One People added: “We’ve had an incredible response from the community since we started the marketplace. We are encouraging FinTech Australia’s counterparts across the world to follow our lead. We would love to see this become a global FinTech community initiative.

“Hiring in these conditions is incredibly challenging for employers. Where posting a regular job ad could usually lead to one hundred applications, now it could easily see one thousand. Time poor founders can’t manage these volumes of interest. 

“This marketplace is helping connect experienced fintech industry talent with the companies that can utilize their skills most. In the process we are keeping talent in the industry. It’s completely free for talent and Fintech Australia Affiliated Companies to join the group. Now is the time for Tier One People and FinTech Australia to play a key role in reinforcing the value of community as we navigate this pandemic. “ 

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