Article written by Dexter Cousins

Ep 02: David M Brear, 11:FS

In Episode 2 Dexter Cousins talks to David M Brear, CEO and co founder of the massively successful 11:FS.

Most people in Fintech know 11:FS for the Fintech Insider podcast, but the business is way more than a podcast.

Winners of multiple awards, the team behind digital banks like Mettle, and builders of BaaS platform, Foundry.

Since launch in 2016 David and the co-founding team have bootstrapped the business to become the most sought after consultancy in digital banking.  We talk about; 

- How to go from zero to $300m business in 3 years 

- The secret to finding great talent 

- The elements of a winning culture 

- What the M stands for in David M Brear

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