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When I joined the Revolut team was just 60 people based in Europe. We are now over 1000 with offices in Australia, the United States, Singapore and over 15 other countries.

We’re looking for Australia’s top talent.

Big News! Revolut launched in Australia this week. Tier One People is super proud to have been chosen by Revolut to support their recruitment drive.

Dexter Cousins caught up with Will Mahon-Heap who heads up global expansion at Revolut to talk about their plans. And understand what it is like to work with the worlds fastest growing Fintech.


For those who are not aware of Revolut it is a phenomenal growth story. Launching in 2015 Revolut has over 5 million customers in Europe, and another 350,000 joining each month. June 12th 2019 saw the launch of a public beta in Australia. Find out more about Revolut


Will, give us a brief introduction to Revolut.

Will: Revolut launched in July 2015 as a solution to hefty bank fees and bad exchange rates when sending and spending money abroad. Our founders, Nik and Vlad, are no strangers to the worlds of finance and tech, so it was clear from the start what needed to be done.



What makes Revolut different to the big banks?

I should start by saying that Revolut isn’t a bank in Australia right now, although we were recently granted a banking licence by the European Central Bank.

What differentiates us from traditional banks and systems, are unprecedented levels of freedom and control for our users. Customers can open an account from their phone in minutes, then spend and transfer money around the globe at the real exchange rate, hold and exchange up to 15 currencies in the app, and manage their money better with built-in budgeting and spending analytics. European customers can also receive their salaries with Revolut, and use Apple Pay.



Tell us about you and your work with Revolut.

Before joining Revolut, I was a lawyer at a firm called Russell McVeagh, then spent three years building a crowdfunding Fintech startup, Equitise, with a couple of co-founders. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot, but I heard about Revolut and thought it had unique potential to go global from day one. They had a small team solving a real problem that affects billions of people around the world.

When I joined the Revolut team was just 60 people based in Europe. We are now over 1000 with offices in Australia, the United States, Singapore and over 15 other countries.

My team is responsible for taking Revolut global. From Australia to the United States, we take the company from zero to one in new jurisdictions. We get to learn about every aspect of the business; it’s essentially like setting up a startup within a startup, but with the support of a large and experienced team.



What makes joining Revolut Australia a smart move?

For Australians who frequently spend and transfer money overseas, Revolut has a core proposition for this market. Revolut customers can spend and transfer money abroad using the real interbank exchange rate, which means that Australians won’t be forced to accept hidden fees and hefty exchange rate markups from the big banks.

There’s also been turbulence in the finance sector in recent months, with incumbent banks making headlines and being hit with huge fines for maximising their profits at the expense of their customers. Australian financial services are in desperate need of disruption, which makes it an ideal time for Revolut to deliver a new, transparent, industry leading product that will put Australians back in control of their finances.



Who are you looking for?

If I were to describe the culture at Revolut in three words, they’d be aspirational, motivating, and electric. The truth is, all kinds of people thrive at Revolut. What they all have in common, though, is their tremendous energy, intelligence, and obsession to solve a genuine pain point. We don’t want to build a good product; we want it to be the best, ideal solution, for our customers.

We’re looking for people who are humble, entrepreneurial, and can get stuck in. We believe that you should come to work with the attitude that we’re here to learn and grow together. There’s also a great deal of autonomy to our roles. Revolut empowers you to thrive and solve real problems, without the micro management.

At the moment, I am in Australia assembling an all-star founding team, who will help scale up our operations and grow the business in the APAC region. We’re looking for experienced people, ideally with a Fintech background, who will be based in our Australia HQ in Melbourne.

This is an incredible opportunity to make a real difference for thousands, then millions of Australians. If you think you’re up for it, then get in touch with the team at Tier One People. And if you can make it please come and meet some of the Revolut team at our Melbourne #RevRally on 16th June.


Matt Baxby Revolut CEO

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