Katherine McConnell Brighte
Katherine McConnell – Brighte
Dexter Cousins |
From corporate career to FinTech leader of the year.The amazing story of Katherine McConnell. Katherine McConnell is CEO and Founder of Brighte. In 2015, Katherine was in...
Female entrepreneur week
Female Entrepreneur Week
Dexter Cousins |
Tank Stream Labs recently held a national week-long series of events dedicated to female entrepreneurs. Over 50 thought leaders shared their expertise and sparked great...
Mandeep Sodhi
Mandeep Sodhi – HashChing
Dexter Cousins |
Hashching launched in August 2015 as an online marketplace connecting borrowers to a local mortgage brokers. It is a pure Fintech play operating an Uber...
Chris Bayley Cover Genius
Chris Bayley – Cover Genius
Dexter Cousins |
We were extremely focused and spotted an opportunity in a sizeable niche that was being overlooked by the large insurers. The niche we identified was...
Attract talent to Fintech
How to attract the best talent to FinTech.
Dexter Cousins |
The Fintech Founders Guide to Hiring: 001 How to attract the best talent to FinTech.   Without a doubt, the most rewarding aspect of being a...