Katherine McConnell Brighte
Katherine McConnell – Brighte
From corporate career to FinTech leader of the year.The amazing story of Katherine McConnell. Katherine McConnell is CEO and Founder of Brighte. In 2015, Katherine was in...
Daniel Foggo Ratesetter
Daniel Foggo RateSetter
If we are to compete with the large incumbents and other financial services businesses, and we want to continue to grow at the rate we're...
Fintech Investment Figures 2018
Fintech Investment Figures 2018
|Dexter Cousins |
Fintech investment on the rise in 2018. Another excellent report by KPMG has just been released, providing some interesting insights on global Fintech investment. US...
Evan Wong Checkbox
Evan Wong –
|Dexter Cousins |
Checkbox was under the radar for over a year. There was no product to show potential customers. No one knew about us until we won...
Female entrepreneur week
Female Entrepreneur Week
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Tank Stream Labs recently held a national week-long series of events dedicated to female entrepreneurs. Over 50 thought leaders shared their expertise and sparked great...
Open Banking
Australia’s Open Banking Revolution
|Dexter Cousins |,
When Will Australia's Open Banking Revolution Begin? With Open Banking reforms set for July 2019 we have seen the launch two new Digital Banks in...
FinTech Awards 2018
3rd Annual Fintech Awards
|Dexter Cousins |
3rd Annual Fintech Awards, Scott Morrison MP guest of honour. It was a privilege for Tier One People to sponsor the awards and present CTO...
Eric Wilson Xinja
Eric Wilson Xinja
"This is what I love about true Neobanks. Turning the banking model, a full 360 degrees, back to when banks were for the community by...
Mandeep Sodhi
Mandeep Sodhi – HashChing
Hashching launched in August 2015 as an online marketplace connecting borrowers to a local mortgage brokers. It is a pure Fintech play operating an Uber...
#Payitforward Tier One People
#Payitforward – Tier One People Grad Programme
|Dexter Cousins |
Here at Tier One People our moto is:   ‘Together we can build the companies of the future’ Saying the moto is one thing. LIVING...
Chris Bayley Cover Genius
Chris Bayley – Cover Genius
We were extremely focused and spotted an opportunity in a sizeable niche that was being overlooked by the large insurers. The niche we identified was...
Australian Fintech
Australian FinTech partners with Tier One People
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As the demand for top Fintech talent increases in, we are delighted to announce our official partnership with Australian Fintech. When speaking to FinTech founders...
An alternative view of disruption
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The world is going crazy. Fintech, Insurtech, Regtech, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Crypto, AI, Machine Learning, flying taxis, colonising Mars. We can't deny there is disruption in...
Executive FinTech Jobs
|Dexter Cousins |,
Executive FinTech jobs in the the pipeline for Q2 It has been a busy couple of weeks networking with VC partners, private equity managers and...
Artificial Intelligence - Is my job at risk?
Artificial Intelligence – Is your job at risk?
Artificial Intelligence  and machine learning have advanced to a point where almost everyone in the Insurance industry is asking – 'Is my job at risk?’...
Sydney Fintech Jobs
Sydney Fintech jobs update
|Dexter Cousins |,
Sydney Fintech Jobs At Tier One People, we get to work with some amazing startups in Fintech and Insuretech. January has got off to a...
Attract talent to Fintech
How to attract the best talent to FinTech.
|Dexter Cousins |
The Fintech Founders Guide to Hiring: 001 How to attract the best talent to FinTech.   Without a doubt, the most rewarding aspect of being a...
Insurance to Insurtech
Insurance to Insurtech
Steve Raynor is Chief Operating Officer for QBE’s Australian and New Zealand operations, he played a leadership role in the establishment of QBE’s Group Shared...
Ben Webster Insured By US
Ben Webster – Insured By Us
"I'm an advocate of starting your own business and bootstrapping it. So not taking any external investment. I will always want my children to start...
Insurtech in China
Insurtech in China is set for a rapid rise. Craig Ford is Chief Executive Officer SCOR Global Life Asia Pacific.  SCOR has been pursuing an...
Insurance on demand
Insurance On Demand: The Future of Insurance 002
I welcome Mitch Doust, Global Head of Business Development with Trov, an innovative insurance on demand product and one of the most talked about Insurtechs...
Insurtech Australia
Insurtech Australia: The Future of Insurance 001
To launch the Future of Insurance series, we welcome Brenton Charnley who is lead and co-founder of Insurtech Australia. Brenton was previously Head of Innovation...