Mark Tarring Tilda
Mark Tarring – TildaTravel
Tier One People Founder, Dexter Cousins speaks exclusively with Mark Tarring, Founder and CEO of TildaTravel, a game changing platform bringing the worlds of online...
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Leda Glyptis 11FS
Leda Glyptis – 11:FS
As CEO of 11:FS Foundry, Leda is at the forefront of innovation in open banking. She’s also Chief of Staff for 11:FS Group, a specialist...
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Martin McCann Trade Ledger
Martin McCann – Trade Ledger
2018 was a breakthrough year for Trade Ledger, with recognition in the KPMG FinTech 100, winners at the Finnies, the FinTech Awards and Barclays Innovation...
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Andy Taylor Douugh
Andy Taylor – Douugh
Andy Taylor is an Aussie FinTech pioneer. He is one of the original founders of Society One, bringing peer to peer lending to the Australian...
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Vincent Turner Uno
Vincent Turner – Uno.
Vincent Turner is Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Uno Home Loans. He has been in fintech his whole working life, starting way before the...
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Dave Washbrook Look Whos charging
David Washbrook – Look Who’s Charging
Look Who's Charging had a stellar 2018 with numerous awards, accolades such as featuring in KPMG's FinTech 100 and commercial success with two of the...
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George Lucas Raiz Invest
George Lucas – Raiz Invest
Raiz Invest (previously Acorns Australia) launched in 2016, quickly amassing close to one million users. George Lucas, CEO is one of the more experienced founders...
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Alex Badran Spriggy
Alex Badran – Spriggy
Dexter Cousins of Tier One People caught up with Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Alex Badran, to talk about the Spriggy journey. Alex is one of the...
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Katherine McConnell Brighte
Katherine McConnell – Brighte
Katherine McConnell is CEO and Founder of Brighte. In 2015, Katherine was in a comfortable corporate job. Today she is Fintech Leader of the year, running a successful, rapidly...
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Daniel Foggo Ratesetter
Daniel Foggo RateSetter
Daniel Foggo is CEO of RateSetter Australia and a true Fintech pioneer. He introduced Australia to the marketplace lending (or peer to peer) model back in...
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Evan Wong Checkbox
Evan Wong –
Evan Wong is CEO and Co-founder of Checkbox. At only 25 he already has two successful  startups under his belt. Checkbox is a Regtech solution...
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Eric Wilson Xinja
Eric Wilson Xinja
Eric Wilson is CEO and Co-Founder of Xinja, one of a new breed of Neo Banks. Xinja was the first business in Australia to raise...
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Mandeep Sodhi Hashching
Mandeep Sodhi – HashChing
Hashching launched in August 2015 as an online marketplace connecting borrowers to a local mortgage brokers. It is a pure Fintech play operating an Uber...
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Chris Bayley Cover Genius
Chris Bayley – Cover Genius
Cover Genius is an Aussie success story and is on course to becoming Fintechs next Unicorn. They are the Keith Urban of Australia’s FinTech scene,...
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Ben Webster Insured By Us
Ben Webster – Insured By Us
Ben Webster is CEO and Founder of Insured By Us, an insurtech connecting travel insurers with customers. Insured By Us has 15 brands on the...
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