Fintech Hiring
FinTech Talent Hot Spots in 2019
2019 is shaping up to be a HUGE year for FinTech in Australia. But where is all the FinTech Talent to help you grow your...
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Fintech careers
Making a Career Move to FinTech
FinTech is one of the most desirable employment sectors. Current opportunities advertised with Tier One People receive 150 – 200 applications on average. With so...
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George Lucas Raiz Invest
George Lucas – Raiz Invest
Raiz Invest (previously Acorns Australia) launched in 2016, quickly amassing close to one million users. George Lucas, CEO is one of the more experienced founders...
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Australian FinTech partners with Tier One People
As the demand for top FinTech talent increases in 2018, we are delighted to announce our official partnership with Australian Fintech. When speaking to FinTech...
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An alternative view of disruption
The world is going crazy. Fintech, Insurtech, Regtech, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Crypto, AI, Machine Learning, flying taxis, colonising Mars. We can't deny there is disruption in...
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Insurtech in China
Insurtech in China is set for a rapid rise. Craig Ford is Chief Executive Officer SCOR Global Life Asia Pacific.  SCOR has been pursuing an...
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Insurance on demand
Insurance On Demand: The Future of Insurance 002
I welcome Mitch Doust, Global Head of Business Development with Trov, an innovative insurance on demand product and one of the most talked about Insurtechs...
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