Ep 37: Shaul David – Railsbank

A chat with Shaul David of Railsbank.

In episode 37 of the FinTech Australia Podcast Dexter chats with Shaul David, APAC Region Director of Railsbank.

Railsbank enables every business to become a fintech. By solving the pain points of infrastructure, regulation, operation and integration, they help founders, CEO’s, product managers and marketers at any company or brand prototype, launch and scale any financial product.

Founded by Nigel Verdon (Founder of Currency Cloud) and Clive Mitchell, Railsbank set out to make it super simple to access financial services by giving “access to global banking with 5 lines of code”.

Shaul talks about some of the success stories so far and their plans for Australia.

We are super excited to see Railsbank coming to Aus as open banking gains momentum.

To find out more go to www.railsbank.com

Follow Shaul; https://www.linkedin.com/in/shaul-david-a53262 and Twitter @ShaulDavidUK

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Ep 36: Nick Wilde – Thought Machine

Nick Wilde, Thought Machine.

In Episode 36 of the Fintech Australia Podcast, Dexter is joined by Nick Wilde, APAC Managing Director of Thought Machine.

Founded in 2014 by entrepreneur Paul Taylor, Thought machine enable banks to deploy modern systems and move away from the legacy IT platforms that plague the banking industry.

Thought Machine’s cloud native core banking platform, Vault, has been written from scratch as an entirely cloud native platform. It does not contain a single line of code which is legacy, or pre-cloud.

Customers include Lloyds Banking Group, SEB, Standard Chartered and Atom bank. Now more than 350 people across offices in London and Singapore Thought Machine have raised more than £110m in funding.

Listen to Nick talk through the Thought Machine solution and their plans for Australia.

Find out more https://thoughtmachine.net/

Follow Nick https://www.linkedin.com/in/wilde-nick/

Business digital banking and Fintech special

Business digital banking and Fintech special show.

In this bumper special Dexter shines a spotlight on just a few of the Aussie Fintech’s doing incredible stuff in the world of business banking and SME Finance.

Featuring interviews with leaders from Trade Ledger, Judo, Prospa and Butn.

A special show deserves a special location. Recorded on Sydney’s stunning Northern Beaches (Shelley Beach, next to Manly) Dexter is joined by special guest, Ryan Edwards-Pritchard previous MD for the UK’s Funding Options.

Funding Options are pioneers of open banking in the business lending and SME space, making Ryan’s insights super interesting.

Now building his own Fintech as part of the Antler programme, Ryan shares his views on how Fintech in Australia is perfectly poised to take off.

Other guests include;

Paul Carmichael, APAC Director Trade Ledger

Alex Twigg, Co-Founder, Judo Bank

Rael Ross, Co-Founder, Butn

Beau Bertoli, Co-Founder, Prospa

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Ep 35: David Birch – The Currency Cold War

The currency cold war

In episode 35 of the Fintech Australia Podcast Dexter is joined by David Birch.

David is an author, advisor and commentator on digital financial services. He leads 15Mb Ltd, is Technology Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (the London-based think tank), a Visiting Professor at the University of Surrey Business School and holds a number of board-level advistory roles.

His recent book ” The currency cold war”  is a fascinating read on the future of digital currency and the power battle for global economic power between the US and China.

As the world enters an unprecedented period of global economic uncertainty we talk digital currencies, digital ID, Bitcoin and central banks. Will Libra win, or will China’s own digital currency be the move that makes China the world’s dominant financial power?

Get set for a fascinating chat.

You can find David on Twitter @dgwbirch and his website http://www.dgwbirch.com/

Ep 34: Damir Cuca – Basiq

Damir Cuca, CEO and founder of Basiq

In episode 34 of the FinTech Australia Podcast, Dexter is joined by Damir Cuca, CEO of Basiq, an open banking platform enabling developers to build innovative financial solutions.

Working with some of Australia’s largest banks, backed by Westpac’s ReInventure fund and Salesforce and part of the CDR pilot scheme, Damir shares his vision of what open banking could mean for Australia.

We also discuss how Damir came up with the idea, his secrets on leadership and why he chose Sydney’s stunning Northern Beaches (home of Tier One People) as company HQ.

You can find out more https://basiq.io/

Follow Damir – Twittter @damircuca or LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/damircuca

Ep 33: Stuart Grover, Look Who’s Charging

In episode 33 of the FinTech Australia Podcast Dexter Cousins talks to Stuart Grover, CEO and Co-Founder of Look Who’s Charging.

A technologist and serial entrepreneur, LWC is the 12th company founded by Stuart and his first foray into the FinTech world. He also founded a 3D printing business that is tackling some of the huge challenges presented with COVID.

LWC is integrated with over 16 banks including all of the big 4 Australian banks. Launched in 2017, the business was acquired by Experian in 2019.

This is a fascinating chat with a true entrepreneur and innovator. Anyone with aspirations of bootstrapping a Fintech through to a successful exit should tune in!

Find out more – https://lookwhoscharging.com.au/

Connect with Stuart on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/stuartgrover

Stuart is also the Founder and CEO of 3D Printing Studios

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