2019 Resolution – Help a Record Number of FinTech’s Grow

By Dexter Cousins, Founder and CEO of Tier One People.

2018 was a pivotal year for Tier One People. As we launch into the New Year, here are some of our 2019 objectives.

1. International growth – New clients and partnerships across the UK, Asia and Americas

2. Expand the service offering and help you find the very best developers and engineers. We passed on 75% of enquiries last year, because we felt we couldn’t service the client to our HIGH standards.

2. Help a RECORD number of Aussie Fintech’s scale and grow. We have five new startup clients confirmed for 2019 – with many more to come. We would love to help everyone if we could!

3.Play a major role in the digital banking revolution here in Australia. The Neo Banks are only one part of the story. We continue to support credit unions, mutuals and challenger banks to transform and leverage open banking. And expect to see a raft of non-traditional bank offerings from retailers, travel, telcos. From Software providers, payments companies, banks and non banks. We are pumped to be working with businesses that are changing the way the world uses money.

4. Help GENUINE people with a GENUINE desire to move into FinTech – 100% support for you guys and gals – Coffee Thursdays are back in action from 2019 – I am giving folks 25 minutes of my time, FREE, to ask anything on FinTech. Hiring, careers, investors, pitch decks, advice on launching a startup. Book a slot with me 

5. Tons more Fintech news and content from inspiring FinTech leaders and regular news bulletins. Does the world need another podcast? No – but it’s getting one.

6. More events and partnerships – 2019 will be huge with Sibos London, Money 2020 Singapore. In Australia we continue our partnerships with Australian FinTech and The FinTech Summit.


If you wish to discuss hiring or potential business alliances email dexter@tieronepeople.com

By Dexter Cousins

Founder of Tier One People, where we work with the worlds most visionary FinTech companies and the very best talent. Together, we are creating the companies of the future.

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