#Payitforward – Tier One People Grad Programme

#Payitforward Tier One People

Here at Tier One People our moto is:


‘Together we can build the companies of the future’

Saying the moto is one thing. LIVING the moto requires a little more effort!

In order for the team at Tier One People to truly live our values, we need to be investing in the future generations of talent. So we came up with #Payitforward


What is #Payitforward?

It is a commitment from me to help one fresh graduate every month make their first move into Fintech. I will personally coach, support and make introductions for every participant. It doesn’t stop there, as we will be committing to ongoing coaching and support throughout their career.

Obviously this is a big investment of time, so we have to be highly selective. The programme is only open to graduates who come referred from the Tier One People network. Ideally, someone you can vouch for, whose attitude is exemplary and ultimately someone who is deserving of the opportunity.

We will be working on a pro bono basis, no fees will be charged to candidates or to clients who might hire someone from the programme.

This is an opportunity for us to help the next generation of talent thrive.

You can help in two ways.

  1. Introduce an OUTSTANDING graduate. It could be an intern, family member or friend but must be Sydney based.
  2. Introduce this initiative to your HR/Talent team. Remember there are absolutely no recruitment fees attached to an introduction.

For more information contact Dexter Cousins, CEO and Co-Founder.